Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shakatak — Night Birds

In seventies all styles of popular music were the subject of deep change. Although many kinds of jazz and rock were still continuing artistic quest in old directions, the wide public and main labels were choosing more dance and rhythmic kinds of music. After fell all bastions of intellectually ambitious jazz and progressive rock, after jazz rock gave ways to fields of popular instrumental music to disco, it became clear music is a kind of product. This was the great time for many musicians. After years of some strange ideas basing on invention value, commercial kinds of music gave musicians many chances to develop their virtuosity being a primary quality and a source of recognition. That was the background for the new wave of bands and musicians playing various kinds of smooth jazz mixed with elements of disco, rhythm and blues, or some local folk traditions. One of most popular in Europe was English band Shakatak.

Shakatak – Night Birds (1982)