Sunday, March 26, 2017

Original Broadway Cast Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

   In the history of musical theatre, projects winning best position were always connected with some historical changes or social issues. In fact this refers to any work of art especially when it’s a narrative one. The tension between political or economical processes and particular moment in the life of a hero is the energy moving storytelling from oldest times. When in short period of time and on one stage takes place whole story, with music, acting and dance, whole production needs to be concentrated – the stage works as a focusing lens. With this presumption we need to take into account also artistic qualities, good music, sense of humor and breathtaking dance scenes. Commercial success was always connected with various factors, but most efficient was its impact and popularity. Phonographic recordings played significant role as a step to wide promotion of any work. During first decades such albums were main step outside the Broadway to any place where music has a chance to find new listeners. Not only blockbusters were released as musical recordings. For those with higher budget LP records or CD albums were sometimes a second chance to find its way to listeners.
   Every period has its stories, songs and hit musicals. When there is such need it could be more conservative, in other moments radical or even revolutionary. Music, arts and letters were always synchronous with deep needs of at least some significant part of the society. In second half of 1960’s postwar stability for great part of society was seen as no longer a value. Young, well educated Americans perceived it as a stagnation atoned with unacceptable price of deaths in Vietnam and social inequality. Rebellious behavior and riots were side-effect of young counterculture. In couple years young minority became power enough significant to reshape official culture. This process was background for probably most ambitious musical project of the era. Breaking many taboos Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical became famous as the voice of young Americans in late sixties.

Hair • The Original Broadway Cast Recording (1968)