Sunday, October 27, 2013

Albert Schweitzer spielt Bach

   Intuition tells, beauty, goodness and truth are the values that are interrelated. However, they are irreducible and specific, which makes it difficult to find the characteristics that bind them together. Connection between beauty, truth and goodness is the question of believing, not the matter of rational inquiry. However, such belief in the ethical dimension of beauty is present in the judgments of many artists, including the quotes posted on this blog. This compound was confirmed by many people. One of perfect exemplification of dedication for basic values was life of Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), who was musician, philosopher, theologist, priest, teacher and medical missionary in Africa.
   Since he withdrawn from earlier activities, his great achievements in music, musicological books and great performances of organ music were sometimes underestimated. In fact he was still giving organ concerts and musicological readings just to collect money for the hospital in Lambarene. Many of his recordings were re-published in various choices. One of such reedited recordings was published by East Germany label Eterna in 1980. Recordings show performances on organ in Günsbach. Albert Schweitzer played program of four preludes and fugues E Minor BWV 533, A Minor BWV 543, C Minor BWV 546 and C Major BWV 547. The featured Bach’s composition is Toccata and Fugue D Minor BWV 565. Whole program was recorded with greatest respect for the natural style, the same Albert Schweitzer was known as its first proponent.

Albert Schweitzer spielt Bach (1980)

   Schweitzer’s life can be seen as the process of ultimate connection of all these values. Observing his story from intellectual positions, it is really hard to understand some of his decisions, his determination and attitude. But considering it as the process of developing complete and comprehensive personality, his vision of meaning in all possible aspects are the one worth of study. Maybe this is the only way to show there is no need to reduce or to analyze any values, maybe in the center is always human being and all values are only aspects of his attitude. In this case, different values would be just different exemplifications of choices oriented for altruistic achievements or selfish benefits.

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