Sunday, April 30, 2017

Keith Jarrett — Treasure Island

April 30 - INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY celebrated under the auspices of UNESCO since 2012

   Keith Jarrett from the starting moment was pianist of huge possibilities. As multi instrumentalist he was playing piano, harpsichord, pipe organ, soprano saxophone, flute, recorder, harmonica, guitar, bass guitar, drums and various percussion instruments, he was also songwriter and singer and composer giving creative continuation of third stream idea. As performer he was also polystylistic, playing not only various style of jazz, but also folk rock and giving well established performances of baroque, classical and 20th century music. The catalogue of his albums is huge both for its volume and variety. Considering Jarrett’s achievements in jazz as main stream of his activity, it’s difficult to point one direction or style for his work.

Keith Jarrett — Treasure Island (1974)


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