Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lucio Battisti – Ancora tu

   Song is a connection of music and poetry – there’s no need to remind, this is cliché, even if some people still can’t understand this simple combination. But in Italy these two elements are entwined in one of a kind pattern. Every Festival of Sanremo shows a bunch of great songs based on perfectly balanced lyrics and music, where lyrics sound like music and melody speaks like words. One of greatest Italian songwriters was Lucio Battisti, brightest star of Italian music in 1970’s well recognized both internationally and in Italy. His long time coauthor was Mogol, master Italian lyricist who set new standards in pop music genre.
   Lucio Battisti as a musician and as a singer was one of most ambitious but still popular artists in Italian pop music of late 70’s and up to 90’s. In 1960, as seventeen-year-old young man, he started playing guitar with various bands and writing songs. He was working as a musician and composer mainly in Italy but also in Germany and UK, where he became familiar with new sound of blues, and folk rock. Songs of Bob Dylan, The Animals, Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix became his inspiration so later he was able to spread some new ideas in Italian pop rock. He wrote many songs for different bands and singers, including non-Italian bands like The Hollies with Graham Nash whom Battisti wrote song Non prego per me.

Lucio Battisti – Ancora tu (1977)

   As a composer and singer, Lucio Battisti was interpreter with vibrant stage personality and huge creative potential. After in 1966 Ricordi released his first single Per una lira, Battisti met most famous lyricist in Italian popular music Mogol. They formed successful authors’ duo. In his discography one can find many good examples of breaking the barriers and opening for new frontiers and challenges. Born in 1943 artist was a type of shy person. He was always feeling better in studio than in front of the public, so he almost withdrawn when he reach the top of his musical career. He was giving public performances seldom, composing and recording much less than before his great success. He died in Milan hospital in 1998. He is remembered most of all as a talented composer of popular songs, pop rock and disco music.
   Probably the strongest influence on public opinion had television programs. Television and radio programs were promoting his songs and creating image of Italian star. His progressive rock recordings were never as popular as his disco music. The program of Ancora tu, which was subtitled as the greatest hits selection comprises 10 popular songs taken from 3 previous albums. From 1972 album Il mio canto libero (La luce dell'est, Il mio canto libero, Luci-ah), from 1973 album Il nostro caro angelo (La collina dei ciliegi, Il nostro caro angelo, Prendi fra le mani la testa) and four songs from 1976 album Lucio Battisti, la batteria, il contrabasso, eccetera (Ancora tu, Un uomo che ti ama, Dove arriva quel cespuglio, Il veliero). No songs from 1974 Anima latina progressive rock album and other ambitious projects. Ancora tu, as a nice set of disco and pop music songs can be easily overestimated, but it still deserves for three stars.

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